M a r y l a ' s       U n i v e r s e
P o t t e r y

Nature provides us with an infinite wealth of inspiring visions, what is all around us and deep within us.
Art pieces based on nature can take many forms and serve many purposes.
This presentation represents engagement with nature with its intricacy and beauty of the natural world, perfect or tinted with imperfection.
Pottery and ceramics, as usually used interchangeably, are just one of my multidisciplinary involvement in art and crafts.
I fell in love with ceramics after participating in a few hobby classes offered by Halifax Recreation Program and Nova Scotia Centre for Craft and Design. With every class my passion to work with clay, natural product from the earth, material with many possibilities, developed expandable.
Working with natural property of clay, its softness, flexibility and unpredictably, I am abled to create different forms with their uniqueness and beauty. My pieces are inspired by nature. The beauty found in the natural world, with incredible diversity, its balance and harmony inspire my work.

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Blue shell Green leaf


Very often we look at the same things and see something different. The beauty of creation is that people can see a completely different expression then person who created it.
What a piece above represents?

Blue dream Green headleaf


Green maple Only me Happy and warm

Being "Close with Nature" it is a joy and feeling that you are part of nature and you belong.
Shapes associated with the natural world are often defined as organic shapes that are irregular or asymmetrical in appearance with wavy lines.
Working with clay can be challenging, but it is of great value.

Power of water
Angry Waves
Proud in nest
I am growing
Water efficient
An inscrutable Leaf with Treasures Yellow bowl

Pottery and ceramics have been an important part of human culture for thousands of years.
From prehistoric storage jars to tiles on the space shuttles, pottery and ceramics have played a key role in innumerable human endeavors.

Green man Maple Leaf in Fall Cosmic Vase Weighty Side

three together Weighty Side

three together Weighty Side

I am potter with interest to create forms for their uniqueness and beauty.
These pieces might still retain some functionality, but many of them are "one-off" pieces, meaning they are one-of-a-kind.

Something functional and practical

for Gilda for Patti

An anxious wait Face Green Footprint Slipper Four leaves

Representation of nature is subjective just like nature itself.
Working with a natural material, and its unpredictability and the experimentation of the glazing and firing process is an antidote to the uniform digital age.
All my pieces are hand-built from slab and all reflect shapes from nature. The diverse methods like pinched desired shape, wrapping or slumped into a form with impressions on the surface to create texture are used in creation process. Slip, underglaze and glazes, fire and re-fired allow to create the results very often unintended but usually welcome.
I am translating my observations of nature around us into permanent piece.

  white white white white white white

Fall bowl I am yellow white

I have been beneficiary of great generosity from many teachers and through clay


More is coming.......