M a r y l a ' s       U n i v e r s e
E x h i b i t s
The Chase Gallery
Sep.3 - 29, 2023

Nova Scotia Society of Polish Artists

September is Nova Scotia Polish Heritage Month

Scott Manor House
July 17 - 31, 2023

Art Appreciation

Can you imagine a world without art?

Why is art so special?

What is beautiful in art appreciation?

Art in any form, whether while creating or observing, has always been an important part of human society. It has been around since the days of the caveman and played a significant role throughout our history.

Art gives us meaning and helps us understand our world. Art gives us the ability to express ourselves.

Through that expression, we communicate by drawing on our own unique emotions, thoughts, and experiences.

It's a language…… It’s an international language that anyone from anywhere can understand.

Art tells a story other way. ...

Early civilizations used drawings to depict their everyday lives, emotions, and hopes.

The images give a clear understanding of their daily life, with its struggles and successes. It was a way of documenting, communicate and understand surroundings.

People want to express themselves, to let others to know what they are feeling and thinking in a more symbolic way rather than just talking about it. Art can capture all historical, social, cultural, and political moments. Whether its a painting, sculpture, music, dance, or any other formats is able to say things that words can’t.

To understand art: look, see, and think.

Artist and viewers

The traditional way of looking at art, you're seeing the world through artist’s eyes. When you create, you're letting the world see through yours.

The Chase Gallery
June 3 - 30, 2023

Curiosity, imagination, creativity, passion, challenge and relax

Curiosity and creativity are tied to one another and by definition - curiosity is engage in the pursuit of new knowledge and experiences when creativity involves converting existing knowledge and ideas into something new, different, unique, and interesting. Curiosity’s desire for knowledge and creativity experiences allow mind, hands, and heart to make piece of art. Nature provides us with an infinite wealth of inspiring visions, what is all around us and deep within us. Art pieces based on nature can take many forms and serve many purposes.

I am inspired by nature around me with its colors, texture, feelings, and emotions. Using different materials and different techniques making my pieces, very often change traditional way of thinking, and allow take a risk. Creativity makes a difference, develop new idea, very often change traditional way of thinking, and allow take a risk. This exhibition can be the opportunity to get people engaged with nature and open our eyes to the intricacy and beauty of the natural world, perfect or tinted with imperfection.

Bring your passion to life. It iss an enjoyable activity.



• Dalhousie Art Gallery - Annual Student, Staff, Faculty Alumni Exhibitions 2005-2019
• East Hants Fine Art Annual Art Show – awarded 2 Special Mentions
• Gallery Auction in Support of Southwest Fire Society, Windsor, Nova Scotia 2004 and 2007
• Art Celebra - Pier 21 Ralph and Rose Harbourside Gallery
• Gallery Auction – Windsor NS
• American Heritage Month in America – Worcestar, MA
• Gallery for Seniors, Greenwich, NS
• Little Mobile Gallery for Seniors Exhibition
• Open Water Exhibition 2015
• Mosaic of Identity - Pier 21 Hall of Tribute
• Humani-T Art Gallery
• The Greig Gallery-Alderney Landing
• Chase Gallery
• Scott Manor House

Maryla donated a few of her paintings to charitable fund raising auctions in Nowa Szkocja and in Halifax Metro Area.