M a r y l a ' s       U n i v e r s e
M u l t i m e d i a
Maryla   Ozog - Dlutek

Maria Dlutek - known to her friends as Maryla, native from Poland, was pleased to immigrate to Canada in 1983. Since then Nova Scotia Halifax, has been her home with exception of years she spent in South Korea and Spain (1997- 2002).
Maryla was fascinated by Korean paintings of natural beauty of coastlines, villages, temples and people that she took painting lessons from Mr. N.Y. Park - Korean artist in brush painting.
The Spain with all art works in museums and galleries has been a place of inspiration for her and intensified her attention to art.
In Poland she graduated with MSc degree in Electronics and became Information Technology Specialist at Dalhousie University Computing Information Services.

On top of her enjoyable technical responsibility at work, she truly value and take pleasure in water color and Chinese brush painting. She is mostly self- taught with some private instructions from Nova Scotia watercolor artists to improve her technique in best of two Eastern and Western painting styles and traditions.
Inspired by her passion to nature and travel she continues painting a variety of subjects as landscapes, floral and still life.
She added acrylic painting, painting with wool and rug hooking to her artistic-craft resume after taking some classes with local teachers. Recently in 2016 she added pottery and ceramics to her multidisciplinary involvement in crafts after participating in a few hobby classes offered by Halifax Recreation Program and Nova Scotia Centre for Craft and Design.

I am up to trying almost anything at least once



• Dalhousie Art Gallery - Annual Student, Staff, Faculty Alumni Exhibitions 2005-2019
• East Hants Fine Art Annual Art Show – awarded 2 Special Mentions
• Gallery Auction in Support of Southwest Fire Society, Windsor, Nova Scotia 2004 and 2007
• Art Celebra - Pier 21 Ralph and Rose Harbourside Gallery
• Gallery Auction – Windsor NS
• American Heritage Month in America – Worcestar, MA
• Gallery for Seniors, Greenwich, NS
• Little Mobile Gallery for Seniors Exhibition
• Open Water Exhibition 2015
• Mosaic of Identity - Pier 21 Hall of Tribute
• Humani-T Art Gallery
• The Greig Gallery-Alderney Landing
• Chase Gallery

Maryla donated a few of her paintings to charitable fund raising auctions in Nowa Szkocja and in Halifax Metro Area.